Monday, May 23, 2016

Changing my life through Minimalism!

I would like to talk about how I plan on changing my life through minimalism. I can’t say that I am a true minimalist but I do subscribe to the philosophy. I love the fact that getting rid of clutter is a lifestyle. But, what I want to do is learn how I can apply the healthy eating to my life style and also decreasing debt. I will become accountable to my audience and post weekly or daily on my progress.  My goals are as follow:

 1. Continue to educate myself on minimalism, 2. Lose about 100LBs  3. Get out of debt.  I believe if I can achieve all these goals my quality of life will improve.  Debt causes one to work more hours than necessary.  And the eating out at fast food places is detrimental to the mind and body.  So if I have anyone that is interested in doing this with me let me know. I will let May 24, 2016 be my start day to achieve my goals.  I will post and be accountable daily if I can on my progress.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Nothing wrong with a BBW!

What's wrong with a BBW?  Nothing, I believe. As a matter of fact, I believe they life span is longer than the gym chics lifespan.  Sexy slimes who don't go to the gym are not classified as gym chics, they can be BBW-slims. 

 Follow me for a minute. the heart is a muscle and society has taught us that more exercise is good for the heart but I refute this in my latest article, 1. what good is exercise if the DIET DOES NOT CHANGE. Change your diet and you wont need exercise. 2. the heart is a muscle similar to a car engine, if you work this muscle to much is will fail. Any object in the world will fail after it is worked for a long period of time. Whereas sitting on the couch is also dangerous because the engine is just collecting dust. But for this blog I am focused mainly on over exercising.

 I do not believe over exercising profits the body, not one bit. Its detrimental. I believe our hearts only have a certain amount of beats per life span and if your on the tread mill five days a week for 10hours a day, welllllllll. Look at football players who die and are superbly healthy. This is just my take. Do what you will, but I am not going to the gym, I will go bike riding and play some basketball and baseball. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jesus and Homo's

Would Jesus be friends with homosexuals? Would he attend they social get together/party? Would he openly defend them against the Sanhedrin council? Jesus did hang with zachias whom everybody hated, he was a known sinner; yet Jesus ate dinner at his crib. It appears our job is to be fisher of men, not to be cleaners of men. 

I only wonder, because are we modern Christians the new Pharisees? They hated the adulteress sin so much that they wanted to stone her. Homo's would get stoned also if it wasn't a hate crime. Would Jesus stand by the homo and be like, "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone?" I just want to know how Jesus would treat gays?

Approved by Leon Ash

Monday, March 7, 2016

Remember the acronym "ASL"

Who knows what the acronym "asl" stands for?  I know people from the 90's who when the internet first started we used this in chat room sites. Back in those days when you got on a chat, it wasn't possible to know or see who you were talking to so the first thing you would do is type "asl." This stands for "Age,Sex and Location." That was just a brief history on the internet.  Welcome to Internet History 101.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's All Spiritual

I now believe all things are spiritual, let me explain.  I have always known all things was spiritual but it didn’t dawn on me until today. Why is it that you will be presented with a temptation but it’s not the best of the temptations.  Let me be clearer. I like a BBW but, I also like a nice slender.  Years ago, I was tempted by a BBW and a nice slender. What I didn’t know back then was that this was not a sexual temptation, though I thought it was.  See, if it was a true sexual temptation, then the BBW and the nice slender would have been top notch beauties, but they were NOT! So, what type of temptation was it?  It was a temptation that would lead to emotional distress and spiritual bondage.
  The goal of the enemy was not sex, but emotional and mental bondage that these women would bring into my life. It is often more severe to receive a person’s spirit than it is to receive their disease.  One of the women dealt with depression and the other dealt with low self-esteem.  Before I met these two women, these emotions never crossed me. Thus, now I understand it’s all spiritual. The way you get a person’s spirit is through physical and emotional attachment, the act of opening up ones gates.  There is a perfect reason to AVOID fornicating with every female you meet. You don’t want to leave with her spiritual flaws/issues.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minimalist Apartments SCAM!!

Say NO to miniature/ small apartments!! I have seen a moving trend of real estate developers building small apartments in the name of environment and calling them minimalist apartments.  First, I am not a minimalist but I do believe in owning less and thus having more money. My argument with the miniature apartment concept is that apartments do not apply when you speak of minimalism.  A house on the other hand does apply because a house is owned and not rented.  The reason apartments do not apply is that these fancy card board cut-outs are being rented for prices that will soon increase; thus leaving the renter paying more money for less apartment space. It’s a terrible idea!!!  Don't pay more money for less apartment!! That's wrong!!! They are building cages and prison cells and calling them luxury minimalist apartments. There is no such thing as a minimalist apartment, but there is a such thing as hustling a lot of people out of money and telling them the little small space they reside in is in fact a minimalist constructed apartment. If you want to live in a small home then build it on your own land. I guarantee you, Leon Ash has not fallen for the minimalist apartment SCAM.   I live in a 770 sqft, 12 ft ceilings apartment.

I have one couch, one TV, one bed, and nothing else. It’s a big empty home, but I love it!!!!!!! These are pictures of my place.  If you want to live in a minimalist lifestyle, don’t rent a small apartment to make you feel like you are living the lifestyle.  You can rent a nice size apartment and better than that you can buy a small home.

Don’t get SCAMMED!!!
This message approved by Leon Terrell Ash.