Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ode to Ms. Go-Getter!

This is an Ode to Ms. Go-Getter. That  woman who makes it happen for her family; holding the family income until her guy gets back up. You know who you are. The single mother who is selling them items on the block, turning a dollar into a “brand new car”.  Ya digg!!!   I name inspiration as the many females who I know that rise above obstacles.  I’m talking Polly-Wolly who goes harder than anybody I know, she goes harder than me, and I go hard. I’m talking Karen Y. a young blood who speaks it and it happens. I’m talking my cousin Tisha B., I am always hearing a word about this young lady climbing to the top.  I can’t forget my mother, started on her own, city girl making it happen in the country; no begging nor crying, just getting it!!  So many, so many, keep doing what you do!! You Ms. Go-Getter, yes you, You go and Get,,,,,,,,,,More!!!

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