Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It WASn't ME

Here is a little story. So I was getting on the elevator at my apartment complex and while I was waiting for the elevator door to close the cleaning lady came with the big carton of trash.  The elevator began to smell like a container of fart and stink.  Mind you, we got on the elevator at the 4th floor.  The cleaning lady then proceeds to press the 3rd floor button to get off.  The door opens and she pushes the smelly trash carton off the elevator leaving behind a severe trashy smell and me.  PAUSE.

At this moment I began to think to myself, "Terrell, maybe you should get off this elevator as well, because  you don't know who is at the bottom floor waiting to get on and you do not want anyone associating the trashy smell to you.  BEGAN.

Well, I talked myself out of getting off the elevator because in all the days of my lifes history living at these apartments no one has ever, ever, everrrrr, been waiting to get on the elevator, so I figured Id take a chance. WHY did I do that?  Before the elevator could get to the first floor and open up I heard voices resonating up to the second floor.  WHAT!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I broke into a cold sweat. Now I am sweating, the elevator is smelling like a dumpster, and I am the only one on the elevator.

The elevator door opens up, and there they all stood, NOT 1, NOT 2, NOt 3, BUt 4 beautiful women, all dressed professionally, holding briefcases, and waiting to walk on the elevator.   I walked off the elevator and they walked on. They all turned around in unison giving me the, "YOU DID IT" look!  AT this moment I had to speak up, so I said, "umm, the lady with the bin of trash just got off on the third floor, just so you know."  Im sure those beautiful professional ladies were thinking to themselves, "yeah right Mr."

Leon Terrell Ash approves this message.


  1. Oh damn I hate when those embarrassing moments happen.

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