Friday, December 14, 2012

Mass Shooting in Newtown Connecticut

These wolves!  We send our children to venues of Education for their growth.  We know not that the wolves await our innocent little ones while we are at work.  My heart is heavy!  My mind is tired!  These wolves, who dare attack our kids.  I don’t know what events transpired in the halls of Newtown, Connecticut; but I have one belief, that there were Educators in that school who were not going to allow this wolf to succeed!! I believe there were Educators in that school who sacrificed their lives for our babies.  Taking power away from these wolves is the best Education we Humans can teach!  I dare not speak a word more! 

From Leon Terrell Ash: "I pray for those who died today"


  1. Well Spoken....such a horrific deed.

  2. So sad and right before the holidays. Prayers for the family, the school, the community, and those poor innocent children. May they rest in peace and may God send comfort to the families and community.

  3. My sentiments exactly. Time the world had a good hard look at itself.

    Clancy Tucker

  4. amen God send the comfortor to the families..