Sunday, February 24, 2013

ASH aka THE LOVE DOCTOR......Peeling back the ACTIONS of LOVE!

This is “ASH” the LOVE DOCTOR, here again with another question from my readers.  Someone told me that love has many layers and that it is different depending on the recipient.  They said that being IN LOVE is different than just loving a person. To prove their point, they made the following statement….. "the love for your mother is different than the love for your spouse.”  I have heard this many times, but DR LOVE disagrees.  I am here to tell everyone that, LOVE DOES NOT HAVE DEGREES AND LEVELS; LOVE IS SIMPLY LOVE!”  Let me explain.  It is not “LOVE” that we use to compare when we speak about, “loving your parents as opposed to loving your spouse.”  What you mean to say is, “the ACTIONS that portray your love are different, not the LOVE.”  It is as simple as this, my love is the same for all people, but my ACTIONS have levels and degrees, not my LOVE!  Do you understand what I mean, when I speak of, “ACTIONS?”  I love my mother and I love my girlfriend, but my “ACTIONS” to show this love is different.  I will kiss my mother on the cheek to show her my LOVE.   When I show LOVE to my girlfriend, I will kiss her on the lips and cheeks; I would kiss her anywhere, “IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER, YA DIGG,” I digress.  LOVE is LOVE, but the ACTIONS to show that LOVE are different.

Leon Terrell ASH approves this message.

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