Thursday, October 2, 2014

EBOLA, CDC, and YOU, the Healthcare Worker

Below I have place two pictures. One picture shows how the CDC dress to treat patients with Ebola and the other show what everyday healthcare workers have as protection from Ebola.
Is there something wrong in these two pictures? We have a government who has played the US citizens for STUPID! True we the US citizens have voluntarily gone dumb due to much entertainment! But, I ask again, is there something wrong in these two pictures? 
I will not write a long blog because it only takes half a brain to see whats going on here! The government, prior to bringing the Ebola virus to our soil, passed new stronger quarantine measures! WHAT! WHY? The future, if deemed necessary, the government will restrict your freedoms and lock you up for an elevated temp. DEAR Healthcare worker you may be asking, “Leon what shall we do?” Leon has an answer but I will only send them to those who ask. I am controversial.


  1. Will the government blame ER nurses for not being vigilant?
  2. Will the leaders of our government ever get Ebola themselves?
  3. Whats the deal with this Enterovirus D68?
  4. Will you take care of an Ebola patient at your hospital?
  5. Can LEON ASH answer all these questions? YES I can!
  6. Will LEON ASH answer these questions for you? It depends on who is asking.


  1. Ebola can live outside the body for days.
  2. Ebola will revamp itself soon.
  3. LEON ASH got solutions.
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