Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Big Brother on CBS has captivated me!

You know what, I'm ashamed to say, but I am really digging Big Brother on CBS. I really enjoyed Season 15. If I don't catch the first show in the beginning, I wont watch it. Its sad how I am on twitter looking to see whats the latest headline, lol. Its a wonderful pleasure, something like an unhealthy sweet treat. I am not one of those super fans but I do enjoy the drama and sheer ridiculousness of the entire thing. I love to see the scheming and plotting that goes on. It is totally comical to me. Anyway, thats my spill about Big Brother on CBS! Also if you wanna do some Big Brother conversation hit me up on twitter at:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why I deleted my personal FB!

Number one reason I deleted my FB is because, I simply don't like FB! It reminds me of the porn magazines we use to look at in grade school. I hated looking at beautiful women in the magazine and not be able to have them, they were not within my reach or grasp. FB is a tease and I don't like a tease. I found myself wasting important hours of the day looking at pretty faces on FB, and FOR WHAT? 
 I don't like Porn websites, strip clubs, anything that is a tease, I hate that ISH! FB has no relevance, as most of its users are swayed into the false adulation of the “LIKE” button. You all know what Im talking about. You post that picture and get 112 likes, you start feeling like you have done something important, BUT YOU DIDNT DO anything important, you only posted a picture. I suppose its okay for people to have a FEELING of accomplishment without obtaining a goal, unless the “FEELING”was your Goal!

Social Networking Sites Do NOT promote BUSINESS!!!

If you are a business owner and you think that your social networking HOURS will equal clients/money earned, then you have another thing coming! Social networks do not contribute to the financial increase of a business. Social networks are for FUN and Wasting time, NOT for BUSINESS
 Lets look at examples: Have you noticed how certain SINGERS and ENTERTAINERS have MILLIONS of followers, and once that ENTERTAINER puts out work, only a Thousand or so people go and purchase that work? Have you noticed that? If you have 10million followers I would think your music should sell to 1% of those followers, but NO, it does NOT!!!! So don't waste your time trying to DO Business on a social Networking Site!! If you have GOOD product then It will do just fine promoting itself!! That's all I have to say about that!