Thursday, October 22, 2015

I love me some HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!

Aint nothing like the "H" baby!  I don’t know how to explain it but to ME, Houston Texas has the most beautiful DAYS!!! I mean, when I step outside, I get a NEW since of LIFE and Well-Being!  My inner being becomes excited, when I look up and see the beautiful sky, the beautiful trees, the beautiful buildings and the beautiful people.  Listen, I love the Bay and I love Los Angeles, but they hold no comparison to Me.  Houston is my first Love, Real Talk! I live in this city, and I want to support this city. 

I want to see it grow! I want to see it prosper!  I want to promote progress here for others!   When I go to Oakland, Cali, I love the place but I have one fault with it.  I wish Oakland would promote the cleaning of its downtown like Houston.  Houston has a clean downtown. Trash is dealt with appropriately thus promoting the newness of this city. Thank GOD for Houston, now I know what the slogan means, “Born an American, but Bless to be a TEXAN!” I love me some Houston! Okay, Let me stop, I got to go outside and enjoy Memorial Park and then maybe even Galveston! Deuces.

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