Monday, May 23, 2016

Changing my life through Minimalism!

I would like to talk about how I plan on changing my life through minimalism. I can’t say that I am a true minimalist but I do subscribe to the philosophy. I love the fact that getting rid of clutter is a lifestyle. But, what I want to do is learn how I can apply the healthy eating to my life style and also decreasing debt. I will become accountable to my audience and post weekly or daily on my progress.  My goals are as follow:

 1. Continue to educate myself on minimalism, 2. Lose about 100LBs  3. Get out of debt.  I believe if I can achieve all these goals my quality of life will improve.  Debt causes one to work more hours than necessary.  And the eating out at fast food places is detrimental to the mind and body.  So if I have anyone that is interested in doing this with me let me know. I will let May 24, 2016 be my start day to achieve my goals.  I will post and be accountable daily if I can on my progress.

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