Sunday, November 13, 2016

It is stupid to buy a BRand New Vehicle, EVER!!!

I had to do it!  Yes, I had to get rid of my truck note, It was killing my wealth.  According to Dave Ramsey, having a car note is the first thing that needs to go when trying to become debt free.  But, this was not an easy feat. I was $10,000 upside down on my truck note!  I prayed earnestly to God for a solid year asking God for the opportunity to get this money to pay off the difference. 


A bit of history, I got the truck the day before thanksgiving in 2015. Why I did that, I do not know. I was very impressed with my negotiating skills I suppose.  I had been wanting to get a Toyota tundra since 2008, and I felt as if the time for me to have my truck had come.  WRONG!  It is never the right time to get stuck in a high car note.  My note was $702/month and $200 insurance for a total of $902/month.  I can’t afford that, what was I thinking?  Every month Id watch Dave Ramsey and try to plan my budget.  I prayed with fervor that I could get the money to get out of this truck note. God finally answered my prayer!!!

The answer to my prayers came in the form of a Nursing strike in Minnesota!  Thank you, Minnesota; you have been good to me!  The money I made on that strike allowed me to get out of two financial holes I had dug myself in.  Both debts were $10,000 each.  Thank God for Minnesota! 

Fast forward to last week.  Well last week I wanted to sell my truck for the quote that was originally given. In June I was offered $30,000 for my truck, last week I was offered $27,000, 28,000, and finally 29,000. The $29,000 came from another Toyota dealer surprisingly!  A bit of advice, if you purchase a brand new truck, do not expect to sell it back for a good/righteous price. Everyone is out to make a dollar. Remember that! 

Don’t by items you can’t pay cash for!  I wish I had listen to my own advice. Im sad that I actually signed the lease and I am happy that God made a way out of it.  These days I am going to buy a bike first then I will buy a cheap vehicle for emergencies. If you don't have the cash to buy an item, don't buy the item!

Also, I tried to sell the truck on craigslist for an entire year. NO luck, only people trying to scheme you and hustle, “time wasters.”  I might do a youtube video on this one.  It feels so good to not have to come up with that car note money before the 9th of each month. I am very happy though!!!!!!!