Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Tell Ya Da Truth!

When you have children, material possessions should mean less.  REPHRASE, when you have little boys, learn how to love your car less!  This post was inspired by my neighbors, twin boys running a havoc on their fathers car hood. lol, lol......Thats funny.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Hate It When They Say, "It Can't Be Done!" CHapter 2

“What Would Rosa Do?”

Change can only take place when you become
frustrated with the present condition of a situation. I did
not like working as a trash man, so I made a change. I did
not like working as a chemist, so I made a change. Change
can look foolish to those who are on the outside looking in.
Some would say the current recession should motivate a
person to keep working a job they do not care for, but I beg
the difference.

I believe that when Rosa Parks decided not to give
up her seat that she was attacked, not just by whites, but
blacks also. The black people may have said that Rosa
Parks was trying to set them back another 200 years by not
giving up her seat. They may have said that Rosa should
be grateful to ride the bus at all. I am sure some blacks
called Rosa Parks a spoiled, arrogant Negro. They may
have said Rosa Parks was not doing God’s will by not
giving up her seat. “God wants everyone to follow the
rules, Rosa, and the rule is to sit at the back of the bus.” I
am sure Rosa struggled with her decision. She may have
gone home and thought, “Why did I not get up?” And then
she may have said to herself, “it is time for change and I am
not going to keep riding at the back of the bus.” When a
person is on the outside of a situation looking in, they can
only assume the cause of your actions. And if your actions
cause for change, then go do that.

Leon Terrell Ash