Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anti-Male Sexism

Why do men tolerate it?  Are men afraid of women?  Is it politically incorrect for me to discuss this?  Why is Homer Simpson so dumb?  Why is Tyler Perry's character Madea so wise?  If Adam could replay history would he sleep around on Eve?  Feminist encourage ritalin for little boys who act like little boys.

REPHRASE. Boys that act like boys.  In todays society it is ok to call a woman a, "raging slut."  Call that same woman, "gorgeous" and watch how angry she becomes.  Men, go to the beach; find soft sand and put your head in it and pretend like you can't see whats really going on!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

HBO in the Old Days!

I remember when I was a youngster.  The tv's came with two knobs and the channels were picked up using "rabbit ears antenna's."  Back in those days watching HBO was the "ISH."  I would use my antenna and a few hand slaps to the side of the tv to get HBO from my neighbors paid subscription, it was trial and error.  True, my tv had no sound and the picture was always scrambling, but that was all fine.  Because back then you didn't need a clear picture nor sound.  You could use your imagination and Make Up A Story, because the ending was always gonna be the same. <---- Do you get it? Because thats original!!!!

Leon Terrell Ash

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stupidity or EVIL

Everyone would agree that it is not wise to allow 18-24yr college students to carry loaded guns to class.  College is the main place that mistakes occur.  A law has been passed that now students can carry guns on campus.  AT first I said this was beyond STUPID!  I was correct.  This is not stupid, this is EVIL!  It is beyond just stupid.  EVIL legislators or promoting evil idiotic  laws to harm the innocent! A SHAME!!

disclaimer: Having a gun in the home is appropriate but not in the classroom.  Have we learned nothing, but then again this is EVIL PEOPLE promoting this.

Leon Terrell Ash

Be a GENTLEMAN to the ladies!

Dear A-hole have you ever been accused of not being a GENTLE-MAN. If so, your reply should  have been, "I was promoting womens equality!" meaning if your not going to hold the door for another man then your not going to hold the door for a woman. Equality for all.

Leon Terrell Ash
disclaimer: No insults intended.