Saturday, December 10, 2011

There is no AMBIGUITY!!

I must be careful with this blog as that I do not wish to offend my friends. It is simple, If a man believes that it is normal to go against nature, should I then allow myself to trust this mans advice on any other topic that relates to the laws of nature.  Follow my example:  If a dentist told you that it was normal for pigs to grow wings and that pig wings should be a normal part of life, would YOU, the one who is about to have dental work done by this confused dentist; would you trust this dentist judgement as it relates to your dental health seeing that he is already confused on the basics of nature.  Follow me clearly people.  I left no ambiguity.  Follow me clearly…… "If you have read this blog and think I am talking about dentist and pigs, then  you should reread it again, only this time read between the lines."

Leon Terrell Ash

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