Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hip Hop inside the Church, LOL

Who came up with that idea. That’s about the dumbest thing………..

I'm riding in my car blasting an unknown form of music one day. So I say to myself “let me go to church to get my mind right.”  How come when I get into the church, I hear the same music I hear in the streets.  Hip hop is street music.  How did the church decide to make it Christian music?  Wow. 2Peter 2:22 states, hip hop inside the church is similar to a dog going back to his vomit. I heard someone say, “the church need to use hip hop to get the younger generation into the church.” That’s about the dumbest thing……………First, I didn’t know that GOD, The GOD,  needed Satan’s apparatus to get anything done for him…………..That is all I have to say about that!

Leon Ash


  1. This is why people should fear organized religion. Some will stop at nothing to convince the masses their way is the correct way. Everyone should find God in their own way, have their own relationship with God, not find him because someone said so or love Him because someone said so. If we would all listen to our hearts and our minds instead of the will of the masses, our lives would be far more enriched.

  2. I'll let your comment remain this time, but do become a member the blog. Use your name, don't be afraid.