Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kamilah Barrett! ATMOSPHERIC!

Kamilah Barrett! KB, K Bizzle! What! You didn’t know? Well if ya didn’t know, now ya know, baby babyyyy, yeah…..
KB is the TRUTH!  FEEL MY WORDS, Ya digg! Her Leg/Dance Game is ATMOSPHERIC; and I don’t even know what that mean!  Its NEW LEVEL type dancing.  And when she put heels on, it’s a Done Deal. This chic murders the dance floor, “guilty as charged.”   I remember seeing her in R Kelly’s video, “Im A Flirt” and saying to myself, “is she gliding on the table?”  She got this NEW workout series called HEEL HOP.  I suggest ALL young ladies subscribe to Kamilah’s technique.  Go LIKE her facebook page
AS A MATTER OF FACT……………….. check THIS vid out.

Leon Ash approves!

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