Friday, August 3, 2012


Humility. That’s about the hardest thing in life to do.  All we know is, be the best, you deserve it, YOLO, high SELF-esteem, self-love, etc.   This blog was not easy for me to write, because deep inside of me all I wanted to do was fight.  And now you are telling me, “Leon let It go.”  But, I’m not done fighting yet.  Personally I use to see humility as some form of weakness, to BASE oneself, that was ludicrous to me.  Who would do such a thing, having lowliness of mind while esteeming others better than themselves.  That’s biblical and that’s not easy. 

I have to keep it 100, the true definition of humility is not thinking less of ourselves but it is really NOT to think of SELF, period.  Conclusion: I suppose in order to obtain such a great virtue one must, exalt Christ and others daily, thus bringing on true humility.

You can't lose when you help others win.

Leon Terrell Ash approves this message.


  1. When we get a glimpse of Earth from outer space, it should be humbling enough for everyone. We're but a speck — less than a speck — in the vastness of the universe.

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