Friday, September 14, 2012

Burger QUEEN!!!

MEN MEN MEN.  Why do you allow some women to treat you so disrespectfully?  You tell me her ex-husband use to beat her rear-end and now she is beating Your rear-end, you MAN you!!!  Pardon my language!  She is reverting her anger onto you MAN!!! 

She didn't have the strength to fight her ex-husband; but you tell me she is now slapping you across your head all because you didn't bring her a number 2 on the value menu at MacDonalds!!!! 
It sounds to me like she is a Burger Queen and is going to have it her way!!! 
Don't take that mistreatment MAN!!! 
Take Nino's advice and CANCEL that &*%@#!!!!

I Leon Terrell Ash do endorse this message.

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