Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disrespected Fathers!

Disrespect of fathers has become an epidemic in America. What is happening? Why are children disrespecting the father? I love and respect my father to much, I'd kill myself before I would do some dumb ISH like that. I have come up with some possible reasons.
Is it that men are marrying women who already have children? Follow me, I say 50% of women who have children and get remarried, tend to give the children more power than the new husband. This is not a scientific fact but it is an observatorial fact. “Give the power,” that is exactly the deal in 50% of those cases. What about fathers who have their own children and still get disrespected, whats the reason?
I believe these fathers suffer disrespect because they allow it! Christian an Muslim fathers should not have this problem, and if they do, it is as I said before, because they allow it. What are the solutions: 1. Do not allow your children to disrespect you. 2. You must understand that God is supreme and if you believe that and live by that then all should be well in your home.
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Leon Terrell Ash