Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minimalist Apartments SCAM!!

Say NO to miniature/ small apartments!! I have seen a moving trend of real estate developers building small apartments in the name of environment and calling them minimalist apartments.  First, I am not a minimalist but I do believe in owning less and thus having more money. My argument with the miniature apartment concept is that apartments do not apply when you speak of minimalism.  A house on the other hand does apply because a house is owned and not rented.  The reason apartments do not apply is that these fancy card board cut-outs are being rented for prices that will soon increase; thus leaving the renter paying more money for less apartment space. It’s a terrible idea!!!  Don't pay more money for less apartment!! That's wrong!!! They are building cages and prison cells and calling them luxury minimalist apartments. There is no such thing as a minimalist apartment, but there is a such thing as hustling a lot of people out of money and telling them the little small space they reside in is in fact a minimalist constructed apartment. If you want to live in a small home then build it on your own land. I guarantee you, Leon Ash has not fallen for the minimalist apartment SCAM.   I live in a 770 sqft, 12 ft ceilings apartment.

I have one couch, one TV, one bed, and nothing else. It’s a big empty home, but I love it!!!!!!! These are pictures of my place.  If you want to live in a minimalist lifestyle, don’t rent a small apartment to make you feel like you are living the lifestyle.  You can rent a nice size apartment and better than that you can buy a small home.

Don’t get SCAMMED!!!
This message approved by Leon Terrell Ash.

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