Saturday, March 31, 2012

EX-Lover,EXtra Happy,EXcluding You

I observed a young woman one day, who was void of understanding. She EXclaimed that her EX-boyfriend is now with his new girlfriend doing the EXact thing, "not things," that she would constantly ask him to do for her.  She said she would ask him a million times to do this one thing for her, but he didn't.  She said, "only if he had done that one thing," they would still be together.  This young lady wanted to know why!!  And so I, Leon Terrell Ash, being the wise one that I am, comforted her young mind.  FaceBook me if you want to know my Reply!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigger the CUSHION, Softer the Bed.

A question was posed: Would you empty your savings account of $18000 to pay off a car note that had 2 years remaining? NO! True, having less debt is a good feeling, but having a big money cushion is a good feeling also.  My motto: "The bigger the CUSHION, the softer the bed."  This means, the bigger the money cushion you have the better you sleep at night.  In this present day economy, its not wise to spend all your savings, you Never know what may happen. To thine own self be true, if I quoted that right.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kamilah Barrett! ATMOSPHERIC!

Kamilah Barrett! KB, K Bizzle! What! You didn’t know? Well if ya didn’t know, now ya know, baby babyyyy, yeah…..
KB is the TRUTH!  FEEL MY WORDS, Ya digg! Her Leg/Dance Game is ATMOSPHERIC; and I don’t even know what that mean!  Its NEW LEVEL type dancing.  And when she put heels on, it’s a Done Deal. This chic murders the dance floor, “guilty as charged.”   I remember seeing her in R Kelly’s video, “Im A Flirt” and saying to myself, “is she gliding on the table?”  She got this NEW workout series called HEEL HOP.  I suggest ALL young ladies subscribe to Kamilah’s technique.  Go LIKE her facebook page
AS A MATTER OF FACT……………….. check THIS vid out.

Leon Ash approves!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hip Hop inside the Church, LOL

Who came up with that idea. That’s about the dumbest thing………..

I'm riding in my car blasting an unknown form of music one day. So I say to myself “let me go to church to get my mind right.”  How come when I get into the church, I hear the same music I hear in the streets.  Hip hop is street music.  How did the church decide to make it Christian music?  Wow. 2Peter 2:22 states, hip hop inside the church is similar to a dog going back to his vomit. I heard someone say, “the church need to use hip hop to get the younger generation into the church.” That’s about the dumbest thing……………First, I didn’t know that GOD, The GOD,  needed Satan’s apparatus to get anything done for him…………..That is all I have to say about that!

Leon Ash

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leon Terrell Ash Public Service Announcement "UPDATE"

To hear me sing this song visit:
Allow me to reintroduce myself.  My name is LEON  A to the S H.  I use to move from skyscrapers to Condos.  I guess even back then you could call me, CEO of the T.A.P. whoa!!  Fresh out De Ville right, but Im going higher. I be the, but then again, I'll save it for later. Flyer than the piece of paper "DEGREEing my name." I got the hottest chic in Houston breathing my name. Thats right, LEON, not lil ole me. But similar to that DUDE,  no one can do it better.  I write books like Im reaching for heaven, my baby said heavens here, so finish your breakfast. So guess what Ima do, take you back to the time after Texas, fast forward the rules and respect this! Let me tell you dudes what I do to protect this,  showing  you violence like a Tarantino flick.

Leon Terrell Ash approves this message.