Friday, October 19, 2012


“Thank you Lord!!!”  Let me set the scene. Just getting off the interstate exit ramp the light up ahead has just turned green for me and so my pace continued.  This scenario was set up so perfectly for that ANGEL who wanted to take my LIFE today.
Like I said, the light up ahead was green,  so my speed continued as it was, AT that very moment, I saw in my right peripheral vision up near the intersection that the white trucks speed was going way to fast to stop at the RED light. That trucks speed and my speed were in sync,  Synced so perfectly that the only thing that could have happened would have been a perfect T-bone collision. 
And surely the impact of that collision would have been “A DONE DOTTA” for me.  But God allowed me to see this negative plot unfold, I SLAMMED my BRAKES eVER so VIOLently, TIRES screeching and HORNS blowing!!!!  Once again, God had spared my life on these dangerous highways. Amazing!!! And again I say, “Thank you Lord!!!”
Another Day for Leon Terrell Ash.

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  1. wow,, you be careful driving Leon!! God bless you!