Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laughing at Lakewood Church

I had the greatest laugh while at Lakewood church last night; all thanks to two teenagers.  Here is the scene.  I am sitting up in Row ‘P” and they are down below me, a teenage guy and a teenage girl.  In front of the two teenagers was a mother and her toddler son.  The toddler was standing and playing in the chair beside his mother.  He was facing the teenagers.  PAUSE> “I must stop for a minute because as I write this blog, the laughter continues to flow violently.” CONTINUE>

 The two teenagers turned and looked at each other with "A" look; a look that says, “somebody, ooohhh weeed, if you know what I mean.”  They then pulled out their cellphones to hide their giggling faces while they texted each other. Their shoulders were vibrating violently from trying to control their pent up laughter.  I began to laugh too because I could see that they were having trouble trying not to burst out into full laughter.  The little toddler even noticed, he looked at the two teenagers with a look of curiosity, as if he wanted to ask them, "are you two teenagers laughing at ME?"  Yes little man, they were laughing at you.  After a minute or so his mother grabbed a diaper and wipes and took little man to the restroom to change his dirty diaper.  Lord forgive us!  AND THEN WE ALL TOOK “COMMUNION.”
I Leon Terrell Ash condone this behavior.

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