Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You married Jesus WHO???

I laugh today.  I heard a lady say, she was happy, because she was not married to an earthly man.  She then went on to say, she was married to Christ.  That’s funny to me.   Christ walked the earth 30 years and not once did he get married, but she would suppose that Christ is married to her as opposed to the church as a collective body.   And what makes this story even CRAZIER; she went to her MARRIED friends, who told her it was okay to continue in her insanity.

How can a single-person be so mentally blind.  If she had proper guidance and vision, she would see that her friends are enjoying their earthly husbands.  And not one of her friends would be willing to trade their earthly husband/marriage for her pretend marriage.  Single people tickle me. Being lonely and pretending to be married to Jesus does not fix loneliness; because if it did, then GOD wouldn’t have said these wonderful words,

 “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be ALONE; I will make him an help meet.”  Genesis 2:18.  
Stop the madness, Stop being STUPID, single-people. And stop letting married people convince you that your insanity will make you feel better, because I guarantee you, that no MARRIED person IS willing to trade their life with you!!!!
A message by Leon Terrell Ash


  1. What causes you to believe that Jesus never married? There is substantial evidence from the first century AD that he married Mary Magdalene, and a good many people believe that he also married Mary and Martha of Bethany. The Jews were practicing polygamy during the Roman occupation, which shocked the Romans terribly although they were practicing serial monogamy as it is practiced today.

    1. If I had written that dumb statement Id remain anonymous also!! I shouldn't have to say much to that!!

    2. Jesus did not marry while on earth,, God didnt make adam and eve and bertha! go figure! i agree with leon.... you need to go check the truth and stop twisting scripture to suite your wicked mind.

  2. You gained my understanding

    Did you get your understanding from the public domain, free to copy and print King James Version of the Bible, or instead, from some publishers copyrighted version, that you can’t quote much without payment? God’s word is free!

    You said, she said. “But she would suppose that Christ is married to her as opposed to the church as a collective body.” Wow! A simple phrase like that was the missing for my understanding. I have heard my share of women in Church saying that they are married to Christ Jesus. So what! We are all married to Christ Jesus male and female. We are the bride of Christ.

    The key words in my mind now, “as being a collective body, the Church, married to Christ!” It is not a Jesus club for single women, and He is the President and a member. My buddy said he doesn’t like being called a bride. He does not like Jesus that way. Apparently some women do. Maybe they have a platonic love and marriage with the “man” eunuch Christ.

    Some people are born eunuchs like Jesus; some people are made eunuchs like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and some people make themselves eunuchs with sex change operations.

  3. hosea 2:16 And it shall be at that day, said the LORD, that you shall call me Ishi; and shall call me no more Baali. Ishi= husband. look it up. God bless,... He is my ISHI!!!

  4. Well, I'm of the belief that Jesus was not married. It was never recorded in any of the New Testament and if it isn't written, it isn't true in my opinion. There's a lot of speculation, but that does not make it truth. I cannot see GOD as a husband. Jesus is GOD manifested in flesh. I believe his poor mother, Mary, had enough being the mother of God. I do not think a wife could do anything for Him. That's my opinion.