Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Over-The-Top 12-12-12

I hate to be Jimmy the downer, but I must speak on something that has become a nuisance.  I look on facebook, and there again scrolls down a new post in my newsfeed from, “Brittle-MINDED;” describing how they are so in love with this new person they have started dating; giving all these ACCOLADES, such as: “this person is the best thing that ever happen, etc, etc, blahze, blahze.” If I read another post like this, I am going to slam someone’s front door!!!!   Spare me the temporary, Over-The-Top, infatuation of another person.  Has this person now become your AIR and WIND??  And what makes this so irritating is that the age of these people are greater than 27yrs old; I am okay with young puppy love from people who are under the age of 27yrs.  Now, you may say, “Terrell are you hating on the expression of LOVE?”  My answer to that question is, “HELLLLLLLL- yeah I am!!”  “I don’t wanna - r e a d - t h a t - ISH!!” 


Ps: And if this offends you then I must be talking about YOU!!  I apologize :(  Leon Terrell Ash approves this message. 12-12-12

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