Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Leon is Voting for President BARACK OBAMA!

Who are you voting for?  I am voting for President Barack Obama. Typical, that’s what some people would say. I know of two specific people who would say that.  As a matter of fact, let me speak on the reason these two particular individuals are not voting for President Barack Obama.  They say, the President is a liar and supports welfare; and this is why they are not voting for him.  They were angry that so many poor people had nice cars with satellite dishes on their apartments.  They said that President Barack Obama didn’t believe in a hand up but rather a hand out!!!  LOL!  PAUSE> “Now you know ME, Leon Terrell Ash, had to come correct on these two specific individuals. AND BEGAN>  First thing I said, “All politicians/HUMANS lie .”  Now if this was the true reason they were not voting for my President, then that first statement should have caused them to think; but it did not. 

I went into “JESUS MODE;” The second thing I said pertaining to programs that help the poor was this, {Here is a story, follow me if you can;  There is a boat, and on the side of the boat reads,  All who cannot swim please get on the boat. There are two people on the boat, one person can swim and the other person cannot swim.}  Should we, sink the boat so that the person who can swim DOES swim, OR should we allow the boat to float, so that the non-swimmer will not drown and die.  There is NO sure proof method to prevent BAD people from using/abusing programs that are intended to help the needy and poor.  Just because a system is abused, does not mean we should end it for the people who really need it. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!!

Leon Terrell Ash approves this blog.
And thats ya boy Alfredo Noodle Williams from Team Takeoff based in Orlando Fl.

You married Jesus WHO???

I laugh today.  I heard a lady say, she was happy, because she was not married to an earthly man.  She then went on to say, she was married to Christ.  That’s funny to me.   Christ walked the earth 30 years and not once did he get married, but she would suppose that Christ is married to her as opposed to the church as a collective body.   And what makes this story even CRAZIER; she went to her MARRIED friends, who told her it was okay to continue in her insanity.

How can a single-person be so mentally blind.  If she had proper guidance and vision, she would see that her friends are enjoying their earthly husbands.  And not one of her friends would be willing to trade their earthly husband/marriage for her pretend marriage.  Single people tickle me. Being lonely and pretending to be married to Jesus does not fix loneliness; because if it did, then GOD wouldn’t have said these wonderful words,

 “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be ALONE; I will make him an help meet.”  Genesis 2:18.  
Stop the madness, Stop being STUPID, single-people. And stop letting married people convince you that your insanity will make you feel better, because I guarantee you, that no MARRIED person IS willing to trade their life with you!!!!
A message by Leon Terrell Ash

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laughing at Lakewood Church

I had the greatest laugh while at Lakewood church last night; all thanks to two teenagers.  Here is the scene.  I am sitting up in Row ‘P” and they are down below me, a teenage guy and a teenage girl.  In front of the two teenagers was a mother and her toddler son.  The toddler was standing and playing in the chair beside his mother.  He was facing the teenagers.  PAUSE> “I must stop for a minute because as I write this blog, the laughter continues to flow violently.” CONTINUE>

 The two teenagers turned and looked at each other with "A" look; a look that says, “somebody, ooohhh weeed, if you know what I mean.”  They then pulled out their cellphones to hide their giggling faces while they texted each other. Their shoulders were vibrating violently from trying to control their pent up laughter.  I began to laugh too because I could see that they were having trouble trying not to burst out into full laughter.  The little toddler even noticed, he looked at the two teenagers with a look of curiosity, as if he wanted to ask them, "are you two teenagers laughing at ME?"  Yes little man, they were laughing at you.  After a minute or so his mother grabbed a diaper and wipes and took little man to the restroom to change his dirty diaper.  Lord forgive us!  AND THEN WE ALL TOOK “COMMUNION.”
I Leon Terrell Ash condone this behavior.

Friday, October 19, 2012


“Thank you Lord!!!”  Let me set the scene. Just getting off the interstate exit ramp the light up ahead has just turned green for me and so my pace continued.  This scenario was set up so perfectly for that ANGEL who wanted to take my LIFE today.
Like I said, the light up ahead was green,  so my speed continued as it was, AT that very moment, I saw in my right peripheral vision up near the intersection that the white trucks speed was going way to fast to stop at the RED light. That trucks speed and my speed were in sync,  Synced so perfectly that the only thing that could have happened would have been a perfect T-bone collision. 
And surely the impact of that collision would have been “A DONE DOTTA” for me.  But God allowed me to see this negative plot unfold, I SLAMMED my BRAKES eVER so VIOLently, TIRES screeching and HORNS blowing!!!!  Once again, God had spared my life on these dangerous highways. Amazing!!! And again I say, “Thank you Lord!!!”
Another Day for Leon Terrell Ash.